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Why NOT To Donate To The Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation

Or should I call it,
The Denise Brown & Family Charitable Foundation

How genourous, out all the money made that year, 4 charites received only $500 from NBCF. Only $2000 divided amongst 4 charities!

And Denise Brown, Governor......Let's keep getting more famous off of Nicole Brown Simpson's Murder! (Sorry Denise, Your 15 minutes have been up over 10 years ago)
Read This:,2933,76982,00.html

No Votes Here for Denise Brown

No Votes Here for Denise Brown Senate Talk
I really had to laugh when I read yesterday that Denise Brown was considering a run for the U.S. Senate. The sister of slain Nicole Brown Simpson actually suggested this and the story ran on the wire.
Senator Denise Brown? I don't think so.
For years, Denise has pocketed much of the tax-free money donated to the Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation. Funds that could have gone to groups that help homeless and battered women and families instead went to Denise.

We've written about this in this space since the very first day of this column in July 1999 and now I will explain it again.
For example: According to the Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation's tax filing for 2000, the organization gave exactly
$2,000 divided among four organizations.
In the same year, Denise paid herself $22,000 in salary as head of the foundation.

The foundation also listed $26,740 in expenses, like nearly $3,000 for the phone bill, $2,000 for unidentified "miscellaneous," and $1,870 for unspecified "outside expenses."
My favorite line item is $14,448 for "event expenses." Event expenses? What was the event? Did it generate any revenue? If it did, the foundation didn't feel compelled to tell the IRS.

The filing also indicates the group had $23,000 in expenses that went to "educating the public through public speaking and appearances, on spousal abuse." But it would seem from the filing that those expenses are about equal to Denise's salary, which is paid to her for the same function.
If Brown received the money independent of her salary, then she's double-dipping the charity.

I covered the Nicole Simpson-Ron Goldman murder trial -- or the O.J. trial -- for New York magazine in 1994-95. While the murder of Nicole was a tragedy, an even worse situation existed in the Brown household. Although they lived in a beautiful neighborhood, the Browns were not income earners independent of Simpson.

During the trial they sold Nicole and O.J.'s wedding tape over an 800 number and charged the tabloids for photographs of Nicole. They shared in the profits of at least one book about Nicole by Sheila Weller.

So what kind of senator would Denise be? I think her first order of business should be cleaning up the tax-free charities established by newly minted celebrities in which the funds are used to support the celeb's families. But maybe real senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer can look into that before Denise gets too far.

Denise Brown also apparently feels the murder of her sister is equivalent to the mass murder in Oklahoma City. She advertises "the Memorial Season," something she created, between April 19 and June 12 every year -- the former date when 168 people were killed in Oklahoma City and the latter the day that O.J. Simpson, according to a civil juror, was responsible for Nicole Brown's death.
Even Tom Robbins couldn't make this stuff up, folks. Only in California, only in Southern California.

Here is one of Nicole's Other Sister Cashing In Too, On Topless Photos Of Her Dead Sister!!?? >>,1527,38,00.html

Nicole's Sister Sold Topless Photos 1996

Nicole Brown Simpson's sister says she sold topless photos of the murdered woman and pictures of the two Simpson children to the National Enquirer for $32,500.
An unnamed lawyer for O.J. Simpson told Los Angeles television station KCBS-TV that Dominique Brown revealed her sale of the pictures in a supposedly secret deposition Thursday in the wrongful death lawsuit against O.J. The families of the victims are suing Simpson, claiming that he really did kill his ex-wife and her friend Ron Goldman and should pay an undisclosed amount in damages. Trial is set for September 9. A Brown family lawyer confirmed Dominique's reported testimony today but blasted the defense team for leaking "irrelevant" information.
Among the photos Brown reportedly sold: two topless pictures of Nicole on a Mexican beach, a picture of 10-year-old Sydney at Sea World and one of 7-year-old Justin at Nicole's grave. Brown claimed the money went into a trust fund for the children, the attorney said.

Another Brown sister, Denise, told KCBS that she was "shocked" to learn of the sale. She also said that she had not yet talked to Dominique about her testimony and that the family could not further comment on the case. "I don't want to talk about it really; it's just something that you hope goes away," she added.

But Brown attorney Daniel Petrocelli had plenty to say. "Trying to dig up dirt on the victims is reprehensible," he said. "I think it is completely irrelevant. [Dominique] is not even a witness. Even if she's called to testify, it's extremely unlikely the judge is going to allow this kind of evidence into the trial." Simpson lawyers Daniel Leonard, whom Petrocelli called "Mr. Anonymity," and Melissa Bluestein refused comment. A spokeswoman for the California Bar Association said that the release of such information to the news media could result in a stiff penalty--from a fine to disbarment--for the unnamed attorney, depending on the impact of the deposition on the lawsuit.

The Enquirer ran a shot of Nicole with a black bar covering her breasts. A spokesman for the tabloid said that the photo came from a framed set that Nicole hid when O.J. came to visit, because it showed her with a lover and "she feared his murderous rages." END.

I'm sure you would like alot of you and your family's skeletons to just go away, Denise!

Finally, I have One more Article, For Now
O.J.'s Nicole: Denise and Family Partying for Nicole With Playboy Bunnies

Quick: Last year the big gala dinner for the Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation was held at: a) a church rectory, b) a hotel ballroom, c) the Playboy Mansion in Hollywood.
If you guessed c) the Playboy Mansion, you are correct. That's where Denise Brown, Nicole's sister, decided to have a black-tie dinner to raise money for battered women and victims of domestic abuse.
In photos recently posted on Denise's Web site, you can see glamorous women in brightly colored gowns and heaving cleavage, black-tied men toasting each other with cocktails, and Playboy bunnies wearing satin ears, bunny suits and not much else.
In keeping with the somber theme of the night, entertainment was provided a live performance group that puts an on 25-minute interactive show which includes audience members participating as if they were in the movie "Cocktail" in front of a banner that read: "No excuse for abuse."

Sound like a Robert Altman movie? To cap it off, there was a display at the party of handmade tombstones with the names of fictitious women who were presumably victims of domestic abuse.
You can't make this stuff up.

Of course, nothing surprises me about the Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation. When this column debuted in 1999, I told you that Denise, Nicole's sister, was using the foundation's funds for herself and giving little to battered women. Not much has changed over the years.

The most recent tax filing for the Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation shows the largest expense in 2001 — $24,800 — was paid for Denise to go out speaking to groups about domestic violence. In the same filing, filed in July 2003, the foundation reported a year-to-year loss of $6,000, with $42,000 in revenue and $48,000 in expenses.

The next largest expenses were $4,268 for unspecified "outside services," $3,000 for the phone bill, and finally, $2,000 spent on renting a house for victims of domestic abuse, according to the filing.
Meantime, the Foundation's next big project is organizing candlelight vigils for Nicole (and I guess Ronald Goldman, the innocent bystander who was killed along with her) on June 12.

To that end, the Foundation is marketing a "Memorial Season" which begins on April 19 — the day of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing — and ends with the Nicole memorial.

In between, "Memorial Season" also commemorates the 1993 deaths of Branch Davidian sect members at Waco, the Columbine High School massacre, the 1915 Armenian genocide, the end of the Vietnam War, World War II's D-Day and the execution of Timothy McVeigh.

As for Denise, her Web site also advertises a reality series she's hoping to launch called "Predators." Its tag line: "Go behind the scenes, behind the headlines and into the minds of real-life predators!"

And here's the pitch: "An anonymous gift left at the doorstep, a friendly conversation misconstrued, a polite smile taken the wrong way. Fertile ground is in the mind of a predator. From serial killers to cyber-stalkers, from pedophiles to kids who kill, watch as we uncover the multi-faceted world of the modern-day predator."
So far, there have been no takers.END.
Denise Brown, You Are A Phoney!

Rest In Peace Nicole Brown Simpson And Ron Goldman